Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wonder Where: Entering a loop in crossroads of Life. In Perpetuum Mobile.

Was it crossroads of life a priori to make decisive moves? If not, is it a posteriori then ? Or were they are in constant loop, a spiral going in either direction. Quotes from Michael Hui is that "A Man must make two biggest, most decisive moves in order to carry on with his life", I shall not say the second most decisive move, for if you made the first move, either way, the second move will not be applicable.

Question of Life, as we know it, was to know the will of God, or the self-will. As Nihilism and Salvation are the two facets of life, either doom or life everlasting, will be the key in which what we decide to do. Questions may arises as to how, what, and why (the trios) the post may even conceive in my mind. As of now, the people that i know, either by acquaintance or have been friends, are leading on to their lives. Some of their crossroads are in constant contact to each other, while others may or may not even see each other (if you know what I am perceiving). Even some of the crossroads are running in parallel, and have decided to run it together.

It will take me a long time to even decide where I am heading. For there is a task, a prerequisite, in which I must complete, before I decide. This implies that I already decide, not to make a move in the crossroads until the task is complete. Question is, Is it worth the time ? Even when, the decisive mind holds on to the task being laid, the skeptical part of the mind will wonder will it be fruitful.

Will I hold on to the faith, and to the task for completing it, before I decide further? God, whatever it is, I will hold on to the faith and task being set, to complete, towards the goal set before.

 A Cruce salus.
Sic, semper fidelis.